(PHOTO) Davido fights with taxi driver over girlfriend

:::::A taxi driver, Femi Ajibola, will never
forget July 1, 2012 in a hurry. At about
5.30 pm on that day, he received a
phone call from a young woman in the
Lekki area of Lagos and had quickly
answered the subsequent invitation to
pick her up.
“The lady introduced her as Susie. She
called me to come and pick her and
her friend. They told me to come pick
them up at Mobolaji Estate near Lekki
Second Roundabout. Later, I took them
to a hotel at Lekki Phase I to meet one
of their friends.
“From there we left for Beni Apartment
in Victoria Island. They said that I
should wait for them and promised to
be back soon. Not long afterwards, one of the girls began to scream as she was coming towards
my car. Behind her, I saw David Adeleke (Davido) and four of his bouncers.
 “The girl was running towards me. I think they men had assaulted her. She said I should open the
door for her so that she would enter. I opened the door for her; as she was about to enter the car,
Davido caught up with her and slapped her face,” Ajibola said.
In a bid to save the girl from further assault, Ajibola switched on the engine of his cab and was
about to drive off when the youthful singer suddenly dealt him a slap.
The cabbie said, “He left the girl and faced me. He said I was the one that brought the girls, that I
am their boyfriend. He knocked my face against the steering wheel of the cab. This made blood
begin to come out from my ear drums. He seized my car keys and in the process, injured me.
“Before I knew what was going on, his four bouncers began to beat me up. They beat me severely
and took my car keys from me and chased me away. This happened around 11 pm. I went to
report the matter at the Bar Beach Police Station, which was the nearest one. I was asked to
come back the next morning to report the case.”
Unfortunately, Ajibola had just taken delivery of the vehicle he was using for his transport
business and had not paid the dealer in full before the incident. He said that the balance of
N100,000 was in the car before the incident had happened. In the whole confusion, he could not
pick the money as he was ordered to leave the car by the bouncers.
“I had taken delivery of the vehicle about two weeks before the incident. I had paid my dealer
N50,000 and the other N100,000 was in the car because I could not pay it in the bank. The money
was in the car and since they had sent me away from the car, I could not retrieve it.
“The following day, I did not find the money in the cab. They did not even let me wind the car
windows up before they chased me out. I noticed that the car was ransacked. I managed to obtain
Davido’s phone number and called him. But he did not pick his call. So I sent him a text message.
Thirty minutes after I sent him the message, someone picked up the call and promised to pass
the message to him. I did not get my car key throughout that day. I went to the police station to
file a report,” Ajibola said.
“When all efforts to contact Davido proved futile, the police had to go to Susie. Unfortunately, she
was of no help.”
“On the fourth day, I went to Susie’s house with the police. The ladies said they were not the ones
that beat me. They said the only help they could render was to give me Davido’s address and that
they had since settled their differences. The whole point of the police visit was to use the girls to
get to Davido, but the girls made a phone call to an aunt of theirs and the policemen left them,
saying that they were not the ones that assaulted me,” the cab driver said.
CRIME DIGEST learnt that the genesis of the fight was because the singer was allegedly caught
cheating on his girlfriend.
Ajibola continued, I learnt that Davido was dating one of the girls I picked up. They went to his
hotel room and caught him with another girl who was their friend. This is what I learnt caused the
fight. The police collected Davido’s phone number and called him, but he kept asking them if they
knew whose son he was.
“He warned the policemen not to threaten or intimidate him. They in turn told him that they were
just inviting him for questioning and not to arrest him. Since then, the effort to get him has not
been forthcoming. I had to go to the hospital because I was really injured. Davido gave me a
blow to the ear which made it to bleed.
“One day, the DPO of the station assured me that they would make sure they get him. He was
irritated by Davido’s boasting that he was immune to arrest. On July 13, one Sharon Adeleke
asked me to come and collect the key of my car at 1004. I told her to come and meet me at the
police station. She did not turn up till the DPO intervened.
“The DPO invited the Sharon Adeleke, she eventually came to drop the key of the car. I told them
that I could not just collect the key of the car without documentation that they gave me the key
of the car without a penny, though I lost money and my car got damaged. When I said this, the
DPO told me that I did not look like someone that was worth N100,000.
“He said I have no proof that there was money in the car and that all he was after was to retrieve
my car keys for me. He said that if I wanted to do anything I should go to court and he ordered
me out of his office. Till this moment I have not received my car keys or an apology from the
singer,” Ajibola said.
When contacted on the telephone, both Davido and the Divisional Police Officer of Bar Beach
police station, Fakeye Adegoke, refused to answer their calls nor did they reply the text
messages sent to them.
But Davido’s publicist, Valerie Obaze, denied her client’s involvement in the incident.
“Davido has no knowledge of any incident involving the assault of a taxi driver or the illegal
seizure of his car. He does not condone violence of any sort and will not be commenting on this
untrue allegation,” she said via email
However, the Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide promised to get back to CRIME DIGEST
with the facts of the matter later.


  1. Does T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ taxi driver actually expect justice in this country.

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  3. i hate his music n let him fuck to hell after all fame is nt ur password to heaven.

  4. He Ȋ̝̊̅§ getting rude.

    1. He has always been! He's just Proud

  5. My curiosity is hungry just like every reader of this news...my question is why is he always in d news for d bad reasons?...I like his music tho...but I believe he should work on his character too

  6. My curiosity is hungry just like every reader of this news...my question is why is he always in d news for d bad reasons?...I like his music tho...but I believe he should work on his character too

  7. My curiosity is hungry just like every reader of this news...my question is why is he always in d news for d bad reasons?...I like his music tho...but I believe he should work on his character too

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