Air Nigeria To Restart Regional, Domestic Flights

Air Nigeria said that it has finalised its
revival and growth plans to immediately
recommence regional and domestic
operations, adding that the resumption of
services would be announced soon.
This is coming as the airline disclosed that it
has established an Employees Council that
would regularly meet with the top
management to discuss plans and
performance of the airline as well as follow-
up on important issues.
The Counsel comprises representatives
across all the departments of the airline, who have given the assurance of their readiness for
the immediate start of domestic and regional operations.
“We would also like to state that the Lagos-London – Lagos flights are operating to schedule
and are not affected by the temporary suspension directive of the NCAA”, said Samuel
Ogbogoro, Air Nigeria’s media relations manager.
Ogbogoro said that the employees of Air Nigeria have also reaffirmed their loyalty to
safeguard the airline from external forces that have been trying to sabotage the its
achievements of the last two years that culminated in the successful launch of the growth
strategy on May 16, 2012, with the start of the Lagos-London route.

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