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I know some guy who knows some guy who knows some other guy. Sure it’ll amuse you what sort of relationship must have existed between us and why I find it necessary to come bore you with such personal experience. Well, I have only decided to “gbesiyin leti” my encounter with yet another promising star in the entertainment industry. He’s got swag, style, and creativity. If you care to know what must have transpired between us then you can read on an be sure you wont have to struggle for his contact when today’s critiques will become tomorrow’s promoters as the case has been with popular Nigerian artistes.  As it is the norm with entertainment artistes to christen themselves some stage names that one will wonder where it must have originated from, cute 19 year old, Kazeem Adedolapo Basit has done himself good by following soothe, coming into the music industry with the name “Mr Doleepiizle”. Met this lad in lasgidi and I was marveled after I had the opportunity to interact with him for some fifteen minutes. Let me take you through the quality time I spent with this ladies’ favorite.

InOtherNews: I must say its really a privilege meeting you this day. I only came across your songs and today I am here sitting next to you.
Mr Doleepiizle: Well, if you say it’s a privilege, my humble self will say its huge opportunity you have granted me. First, to have acknowledged my work, then to have found a reason to recognize me this day.
InOtherNews: Now that I know you are Adedolapo Basit as named by your parents, why have you chosen the name Mr Doleepiizle?
Mr Doleepiizle: As part of my names is Dolapo and folks call me dollypee. It appears a combination of two silly words “dolly” and “pee’’ but of course, I appreciate my people, so rather than have a total change, I coined Doleepiizle.
InOtherNews: Oh, great. At least I now have knowledge of the origin of your name. I guess I will quickly want to run through a few questions with respect to building your musical career. When was your first song released and how much audience can you say it attracted.
Mr Doleepiizle: hmmmm. My first song was released 26/09/12 and is titled “Move your body” produced by blazebeatz. Like most of my predecessors in the music industry, it didn’t really gain audience and this didn’t get me discouraged but gingered me to go back to the studio to add flavor.
InOtherNews: I am aware you have a song that trend recently. Can you tell me something about this success?

Mr Doleepiizle: Oh yeah. Kokobilo is the title of that song you are referring to. Produced by Mona and it dropped 11/12/12. To my surprise it successfully trend on the trend map in just about an hour and that was some credit to my crew. Big ups to them I must say.
InOtherNews: Wonderful one. If you are given the opportunity to choose from the pool of popular artiste of the 21st century in Nigeria, who will you want to do a collabo with?
Mr Doleepiizle: If you wake me up from a deep sleep, when I must have travelled to my hometown in Oyo state, I wont mention any other name than Olamide “The bonafide and true voice of the streets”. Cant wait to do something “madding” with this dude I swear down.
InOtherNews: What genre of songs will you categorize your kind of music?
Mr Doleepiizle: Afro Hip pop is what I do. I rarely drop a flow with no Yoruba statement included.
InOtherNews: When it comes to socializing, how does young Mr Doleepiizle run things?
Mr Doleepiizle: OMG! My people wont even let one TGIF go without stepping into Ziggies sub69 in magodo.
InOtherNews: Its been great speaking with you and I must tell you, you have been really pleasant. I will like you to give a word to your fans out there and those who are yet to know what you possess.
Mr Doleepiizle: Beautiful people, na una face I dey look ooo after God. Cant do nada without your support. Simply, I will like to urge you to carry out a few button clicks on your device and have my most recent jamz downloaded and enjoy as you listen.

Click to Download: KOKO BILO
Click to Download: MOVE YOUR BODY

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  1. Hey doleepiizle! You're wonderful and I love your music... Just stay focused dear :*

  2. Dolapo is very hardworking,he's a good pal and makes good music........thumbs up bro (@chris_yaks)

  3. Dolopa I believe in ur hustle... Keep pushiNg it, u almost der...... Only if u culd guess who diz is....

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