::::::We'd never deny that the latest Audi A6 is a
brilliant executive sedan but it's one that's flying
under the radar of buyers in the segment.
One of the big reasons for it being so underrated, in
our opinion, is because next to more charismatic
designs like that of the Jaguar XF, the A6 looks a
little too vanilla.
Now Audi South Africa has added some spice in the
form of a previously optional S line package that is
now standard on the A6, as well as the Q7 SUV
that's clearly suffering the same fate as the A6 but
in this case due to its age.
Audi says that in some instances, the package equates to more than R40 000 worth of additional
In the case of the A6, the package treats customers to the full S line exterior styling package and
offers a choice between 18- and 19-inch quattro-style alloy wheels. The body kit comprises bespoke
front and rear bumpers with platinum grey spoiler lip and diffuser insert as well as side ventilation
Similar sporty transformations are also in order for
Q7 customers and this package also brings a high-
gloss black grille to the party.
The new cars will be ready for the picking at Audi
dealers from mid-August and the rest of the
package remains as before.
In the A6 you get to choose between five
turbocharged engines, with the petrol range
including a 132kW/320Nm 2-litre and
220kW/440Nm 3-litre and the diesel line-up
offering the same capacity choices but with output
levels of 130kW/380Nm (2.0), 150kW/400Nm and
Opt for the Q7 and your options include 3-litre and
4.2-litre TDI turbodiesels (with respective outputs
of 180kW/550Nm and 250kW/760Nm) and a 3-litre
turbopetrol that's good for 245kW/440Nm.
Audi A6
2.0T FSI multitronic - R481 500
2.0 TDI multitronic - R498 500
3.0 TDI multitronic - R542 500
3.0 TDI quattro S tronic - R672 500
3.0T FSI quattro S tronic - R683 000
Audi Q7
3.0 TDI quattro tiptronic - R692 000
3.0T FSI quattro tiptronic - R728 000
4.2 TDI quattro tiptronic - R854 500

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