Twitter said that some users can't access the short-
messaging service, at least the second time in about
a month that Twitter has gone down.

By @bhadoosky
Twitter Inc. said Thursday that some users can't
access the short-messaging service, at least the
second time in about a month that it has gone down.
"We are aware of the issue and are looking into it," a
Twitter spokeswoman said.
A posting on a Twitter website said: "Users may be
experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers
are currently working to resolve the issue."
Last month, Twitter said a "cascading bug" disrupted
the system and made Twitter intermittently
unavailable to users for stretches of a day.
Twitter has gone to great lengths in recent years to
improve the reliability of its service, which became
the butt of jokes in its early days for its frequent and
prolonged outages.
The "fail whale," a Twitter animation showing a
cartoon whale lifted by birds, was shown on the
Twitter log-in page to indicate outages.::


  1. What do you feel about this Twitter ish which is almost turning to every-month-problem...drop ur comment

  2. Oshe. Gud am getting d news here 1st

  3. more reason I don't like it..fb more reliable

  4. Twitter is crowded with so many users...doing various multitasking stuffs on d site...I guess this will soon be attended to b4 people run back to facebook or other social networking site


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