Female student arrested for shoplifting 32 packs of condoms

Police in Akure, Ondo on Wednesday have arrested a 27-year-old student
of the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA), for shoplifting 32
packs of condoms from a city shopping mall.
The lady, whose identity card read as Bibiana Umoh a Mechanical Engineering
student of FUTA, was apprehended by mall guards after trying to escape with the
items without payments.
Shop guards told Our News Source, that the lady who didn't know she was being
monitored, pretended several times to be queing behind other customers waiting to
pay, while also pretending to be receiving and making phone calls only for her to
suddenly make her way through the exit and running off with the items.
Police officers said they were called into the matter because the excuses the
suspect gave security guards at the mall were incoherent and contradictory.
“Her reasons for leaving the place with such big items in a paper bag and not
paying for it doesn’t make sense” said the Arresting officer, Corporal Adeniyi Ojo

“Of course, people can forget to pay for items which is not something new but
either you return it to the store when you’ve been reminded or you just pay for it;
but in her case the way and manner she ran with the items do not tally and the fact
she doesn’t have reasonable money for those items isn’t it” he added.
The Investigating Police Officer, who simply gave his name as Francis, said the
matter will be transferred to the State’s Criminal Investigation Department because
of the nature of the crime and that there are reasons to believe the suspect’s
supposed ID card was forged.
“I know many students from FUTA, some of which have been arrested or have their
Identity Cards returned as lost or stolen, but this does not look like them and even
without prior investigation, I can conclude it is fake. Also why a condom of all
things in large quantity and what she hopes to do with shows this isn’t a mere case
of petty theft and we will take this matter seriously” he added.::::

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  1. I graduated from FUTA n this particular news is Funny/Baffling...I hope to get down to the root of this news... Until then...air ur view


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