Husband seeks divorce from biting wife

Forty-four-year-old Samuel
Yisa, on Tuesday, asked an
Ojo Customary Court to
dissolve his marriage,
describing his wife as
Yisa, a civil servant, also
described his wife of ten
years, Victoria, as a “tigress
who would not hesitate to
bite him at any opportunity."
“Even before any quarrel
between us becomes heated
up, she will spontaneously
reach for any part of my
body and bite me. I kept
reporting to her parents with
the hope that she would be cautioned, but now, I want a divorce,” he told the court.
Yisa said he once landed at the hospital following a deep cut on his hand courtesy of his wife’s
Victoria, who was in tears, however, pleaded with the court not to dissolve her marriage,
saying she was “no longer a fighter.”
“I have changed sir and this act will not repeat itself," she added.
The acting court president, S. Giwa, adjourned the case to October 23, 2012, and urged the
couple to seek an amicable resolution to their differences before the next hearing date

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