'' I have always wanted to be a Comedian'' - Karen Igho

Big Brother Amplified winner, Karen Igho, who is
presently working as an on air personality for
Naija FM, and privileged to feature in two
movies, “Blackberry Babes” and “Heavy
Beauty” has stated categorically that she is not
an actress. She however opened up that she
ventured into acting by co-incidence as she had
no plans whatsoever of turning into an actress.
Karen Igho
Karen said her venturing into acting was
accidental, adding that her initial plan was to go
into comedy business.
Speaking on the entertainment programme aired
on STV, during the week, the former Next Movie
Star girl said, “ I’m not an actress, rather acting
came my way by chance. I wanted to go into
Karen, however, hinted that she just rapped up
shooting of the movie “Heavy Beauty”, which
according to her, centred around encouraging
our young girls to keep alive their dreams.
“Whatever it is, don’t give up on your dream.
Keep dreaming and one day, your dream will
come to pass.”
The BBA reality show winner also featured in the
movie” Blackberry babes” produced by
Simonny Productions. “I played a village girl in
the movie… Yes, there’s nothing I can’t handle…
I played a village Warri girl feeling funky in
Lagos,” she hinted.::::

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