Katy Perry shows off her shape in Rio

Katy Perry did double
promo duty in Rio de
Janeiro on Monday to
promote her film Part of Me
"So happy to be back in
Brazil," she tweeted on
She started the day wearing
a yellow, cleavage-baring,
cutout dress. The Huffington
Post dubbed it her "most
creative braless moment
At one point in the
afternoon, she stepped out
onto the balcony of her
hotel to wave to fans. She
"I woke up from my cat nap
to the sound of hundreds of
brazilian katycats outside
my hotel room chanting Katy Eu Te Amo"
For the premiere last night, Perry, who has just snagged four
MTV VMA nominations, hit the red in a shimmering Dolce &
Gabbana gown.

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