Weep not for Fulani, Jang urges Plateau indigenes

Plateau State Governor Jonah David Jang has
urged the indigenes not to weep for the late
Gyang Fulani, the former Majority Leader of
the House of Assembly.
He spoke yesterday at the Government
House Chapel, Jos during the funeral service
in honour of Fulani, who died on July 8.
Jang said they should rather weep for
themselves, adding: “The late Fulani died as
a child of God and devout Christian. What
about the rest of us, are we committed to the
Christianity we claim as our religion?”
The governor went on: “We keep claiming Plateau is a Christian state. What is our level of
closeness to God? It is a fact that many of us are not living a Godly life and are not
committed to our religion.
“It is high time we got down on our knees and prayed to God to intervene in the crisis in
Plateau. So far, we have not prayed enough. Let us get closer to God, let’s give God our
hearts, we need to ask for God’s mercy.
“God took the life of Fulani to challenge us. We have to live up to that challenge as
“Plateau is God’s own state. Anyone that torches Plateau is torching God and no one can go
into battle with God and win.
“Plateau is the apple in the eyes of God. Whoever torches Plateau torches God and the
person should wait for the consequence.”
President Goodluck Jonathan, represented by the Minister of Water Resources, Mrs. Serah
Wreng Ochepe, said: “We are saddened by the event that led to the death of the two
lawmakers. The Federal Government is not resting on its oars. It is doing everything to
restore peace to Plateau State and other trouble areas in the country.”
The Chairman of the state Traditional Council and the Gbong Gwom Jos, Da. Jacob Gyang
Buba, said he believed that President Jonathan was given diluted information by the security
agents about the insecurity in the state.
He said the President should allow the Traditional Council to give him the true picture of the
situation in Plateau State.
Speaker of the House of Assembly John Clerk Dabwan said the late Fulani was a unifying
factor among the lawmakers.
The widow of the deceased, Mrs. Kaneng Gyang, said her husband was a bundle of humility
and love. She added that he brought his family up in the way of the Lord.
The remains of Fulani were buried yesterday at his Little Rayfiled-Jos home.

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