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So the end is near and only six contestants remain
in the Big Brother Africa: StarGame finale and there
is a lot of speculation as to who is going to win.
With the competition frequently won by Nigerians
in the past, all contestants of that nationality have
been evicted so it should be interesting to see how
this show does end. The six finalists are: Prezzo,
Lady May, Keitta, Talia, Wati and our local boy,
Kudos to the six for making it this far, but we all
know there can only be one winner. With $ 300 000
at stake, come Sunday it will be on its way into
someone’s bank account. The question is: who will
walk away with it?
This week we are going to do things differently since this is the last week that we get to write about
Big Brother Africa: Stargame.
Instead of the usual column, we are going to give each contestant some attention and critique how
they got this far and why they should win. Luck has nothing to do with it, all the contestants did well
in the house and it is now time for someone to be paid.
Let’s look at how each of them played the game.
If there was a book titled Big Brother Africa: StarGame 2012 for Dummies, then Prezzo would not
only have read it, he would be the author. From day one, the man established himself as a strong
contender with his chameleonic personality. He has played almost everyone in the game, but the
biggest fool of them all was his love interest, Goldie. Unlike the rest of the contestants, Goldie only
realised after she had left the house that Prezzo had brainwashed her into thinking she was with
He put her up for eviction the very week she had saved him. And when asked the other day if he
was in love with her, he denied it.
For the sheer fact that Prezzo weaved his way through the three months and always survived
eviction, he should take the money.
Though he may have a drinking problem, Wati is among the most entertaining people in the house.
The infectious smile and the hair which has a life of its own all make him a very special guy.
His crazy drunken antics may have been a cause for concern, but they also made for some good TV.
He was barred from drinking on two occasions, but Wati was the same, drunk or sober. If the votes
were based purely on entertainment value, then this is Wati’s game.
By far the prettiest girl in the game. You would probably have thought she made the cut because of
her looks, but Talia has some spine.
Keagan, who seems to have the hots for her, always rubs her up the wrong way and it is interesting
how she fights back with no fear even though he is twice her size.
Having seen him lose his temper in Downville, you’d think she would walk on egg shells, but she is
not moved in the least.
Just for having the guts to stay firm in what looks like a male-dominated environment, Talia
deserves the top spot.
Hats off to probably the craziest contestant on this show.
When we first saw her go out on to the lawn to workout in her heels, we knew we were in trouble.
Lady May believes her own hype, so much so that housemates have given up on trying to figure her
out. She is strange and enjoys being that way. From playing card games by herself to sleeping
outside in the cold, Lady May should just get the money and see a very expensive, but highly
effective shrink.
While everyone else has some-thing special going for them, it is unclear why he has been here for
this long. Granted, he is a nice guy, but in Big Brother that never means much. Possibly it has to do
with his Munya Chidzonga-like personality, meaning he is quiet, but not too quiet. He speaks when
he needs to, always looks his smartest and has an infectious smile. Those attributes lead to one
thing – the ladies.
He has skipped eviction so many times even he can’t believe it. The other day he boldly stated he
would be taking the money – and there’s a good chance he will.
At first it was unclear what the local guy’s strategy was. He came across as arrogant and a bully.
With the way people were being evicted for partaking in violent activities, you would be forgiven for
thinking Keagan was going to follow suit.
But the man has toned down since moving to Upville and perhaps Talia has something to do with it.
He has cleaned up his act and might possibly be rewarded for it. Like Kyle, he has also beaten
eviction a number of times and that has to count for something.
lThere are three ways for you to vote for the winner of Big Brother StarGame: via the web, SMS or
WAP. To vote via the web or WAP, go to big brother, log in, click on “vote” and
then click the appro-priate button for the housemate you would like to see win.
You may vote only once every hour.
Voting via SMS: send the word VOTE followed by the housemate’s name to 33729. In South Africa,
SMSes cost R1.50 across all three networks, Vodacom, Cell C and MTN.:

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