Even The SEX At The Olympics Is Sponsored

::::from the don’t-f**k-without-the-official-
olympic-rubber dept
We’ve had plenty of stories about the insane lengths the
Olympics goes to in order to block out any appearance of
a non-sponsor brand, including taping over the brands of
non-sponsors on bathroom fixtures and urinals. And,
apparently, the Olympics obsession with deleting all
non-sponsorship brands extends almost to the point of
contact when athletes decide to get down and dirty with
each other.
Every couple years, when the Olympics roll around, there
are stories like this one, about the volume of s*xual
activity in the Olympic Village among the athletes. And,
if we go by condom count, the volume keeps on growing:
At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, the Australian
organizing committee distributed 45,000 free
condoms in the village. Eight years later in Beijing, 70,000 condoms—labeled with
the phrase ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’—were exhausted and 20,000 more were
ordered. This year in London, the Olympic organizing committee is providing
150,000, using special dispensers which contain a message promoting s*xual
health. Averaged among 10,490 athletes, that’s enough condoms for every athlete
to have s*x 15 times over the Olympics’ three weeks
And, of course, the Olympics found a sponsor to pay up for the privilege of being where the
rubber meets the… well, you know. Durex is the official condom of the games. But… uh oh,
call in the brand police! BMX cyclist Caroline Buchanan tweeted a photo of free condoms
available in the Olympic Village which (*gasp*!) were not made by Durex!
And, indeed, the response from the Olympics was swift, as they began an investigation into
this illicit behavior, because just think of all the problems if these athletes had s*x with a
non-sponsored condom! That cannot be allowed at all.::::

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