The Queen tells magnificent Team GB - "You've inspired us all"

The Queen today congratulated the athletes of Great
Britain and the Commonwealth, saying their efforts
had "captured the public's imagination and earned
their admiration".
As London 2012 draws to a close, the Queen said
Team GB's success - the best performance in more
than a century - would inspire a new generation of
Olympians and remind everyone how sport "unifies
communities and nations".
The Queen herself played a starring role in the
opening ceremony for the Games, featuring in pre-
recorded film scenes with Daniel Craig starring as
James Bond, before appearing to parachute from a
helicopter into the stadium.
More than two weeks on, following an Olympics
heralded by many as the most successful Games
ever, she sent a special message to Team GB,
organisers and volunteers, as well as passing
messages to the Commonwealth commending their
performances in London 2012.
"As the 2012 London Olympic Games come to a
close, I offer my congratulations to the athletes of
Great Britain and the Commonwealth, whose efforts
across the range of Olympic disciplines have truly
captured the public's imagination and earned their
admiration," the Queen said.
"The outstanding performance of Team GB, in
achieving the greatest Olympic success since 1908,
will, I am sure, have inspired a new generation of
Olympians and reminded us all how sport unifies
communities and nations.
"I congratulate, too, the organisers of the Games, as
well as the thousands of volunteers who have
epitomised the Olympic spirit through the warm
welcome they have shown to the sporting teams and
spectators from all around the world.
"As a nation, we now look forward to the Paralympic
Games and wish all athletes every success."
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will also hold a
reception for the 2012 Great Britain Olympic Team in
Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, October 23.

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