UN vote undermines peace efforts in Syria: Russia

::::The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly denounced Syria's crackdown in a
symbolic effort meant to push the deadlocked Security Council and the world at large into
action on stopping the civil war.
Talking to reporters, Churkin said the resolution was one-sided and undermined peace efforts in
the war-torn Syria, adding that it supported the armed opposition.
The resolution, which passed by 133 votes to 12 with 31 abstentions, was hailed by Western
Before the vote, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon accused the Syrian regime of possible war
crimes and drew comparisons between the failure to act in Syria with the international
community's failure to protect people from past genocide in Srebrenica and Rwanda.
"The conflict in Syria is a test of everything this organisation stands for," Ban said. "I do not
want today's United Nations to fail that test."
Syrian Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari called the resolution's main sponsors, Saudi Arabia, Qatar
and Bahrain, "despotic oligarchies”.
"The draft resolution will have no impact whatsoever. It
is a piece of theatre," he told reporters after the vote.
And Iran's No 2 ambassador, Eshagh Alehabib, called
the resolution "one-sided”.

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