Apple's iPhone 5 News Leaves Celebrity Users Unimpressed

Newest smartphone
fails to excite the likes
of Olivia Wilde, Ricky
Gervais and Joy Behar.
Celebrities: They're
obsessed with Apple, just
like us.
Tuesday announcement - of
a new, taller iPhone with a
different charging device,
and a new iPod to boot -
drew reactions from the
gamut of celebrities.
Ricky Gervais echoed the sentiment many people
shared on the rapid frequency of the device
upgrades, tweeting, “Can't wait for the new iPhone
5. I've had this mint condition, perfectly good,
antique iPhone 4 for over a year now.
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Actress Olivia Wilde appeared apathetic towards
the phone frenzy by writing, “Unless the iPhone 5
can also serve as a cushion and/or is made of
never-ending dark chocolate, I'm not interested.”
Comedian Neal Brennan was none too thrilled
with Apple’s new dock connector, saying, “Maybe
Apple will get the message when someone hangs
themselves with discontinued charger cables.”
Joy Behar, comedienne and co-host of The View,
got political, tweeting, “Apple iPhone 5 debuts! If
only people could get this excited about voting.”
Writer/director Richard Kelly commented on the
device’s penchant for making people antisocial in
real life, saying, “BREAKING: iPhone 5 to feature
new 'Eliminate All Human Contact' App.”
Actor/comedian Michael Ian Black was
disappointed in the lack of “information” from the
promo video. “Just watched the new iPhone 5
video. Doesn't mention whether or not it still
sounds like shit,” he quipped.
Comedian Paul Scheer felt the need to inform the
public on a (fake) bonus feature on the new phone,
tweeting, “The new iPhone comes preloaded with
the Entourage movie.”
Lastly, Depressed Darth Vader was, sadly, not
impressed. “So the iPhone 5 can't translate 6
million languages like C-3PO, I'm not interested,”
he lamented.::

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