David Beckham: How My Son Became an Arsenal Supporter

David Beckham had revealed his second son,
Romeo is an Arsenal fan, and that it all happened
through Arsene Wenger.
The former Manchester United man said it was the
Arsenal boss who influenced his son.
"I tried to get Man United shirts on them early,"
Beckham said.
"Two of them are Man United fans and one of
them's an Arsenal fan. I don't know how that
happened, but my middle son, Romeo, is an Arsenal
He added: "Actually, I do know how it happened. I
took him to an Arsenal game and Arsene Wenger
treated him so well, gave him a shirt with his name
on the back
and his favourite number.
"I had that when I was a kid with Man United. I let
them support whoever they want. They don't have
to support the teams I played for."
Beckham maintained his fitness by training with
Arsenal in 2008. Last year, Beckham's former club
AC Milan beat Arsenal 4-3 on aggregate in the
Champions League last 16.
"When I found out that my son, Romeo, supports
Arsenal, I became disappointed," the midfielder
said before the tie.
"I can't bring myself to support Arsenal, although I
do respect the club. I am convinced that Milan will
go through."

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