Justin Bieber's Mother Opens Up About Sexual Abuse

Justin Bieber's mother reveals
about her dark past in her new
book "Nowhere but Up". Pattie
Mallette revisits her young
years when she was molested
for years by a "familiar face in
my circle of family,
community, and friends."
She claims the man usually
entered the room where she
was coloring completely
naked and asked her to touch
him. She said it used to occur
while other people were just a
room away and it happened
so often that she felt it was
Mallette says there were others who also molested her. She
talked about a girl from school "trying to teach [her] about
pleasure" and a male babysitter who tricked her into
undressing in front of him by asking her to model some cute
"On one hand, I felt disturbed. On the other hand, I was so
used to being objectified that I didn't give it much thought.
Being naked and being touched in private placed was my
normal, so the babysitter's request was familiar territory to
me," she says.
There came a point when the constant abuse made her think
she was "just a dirty girl." She pours her heart out, "I've
spent most of my adult life sifting through the tangled web
of emotional wounds and the debris left by the darkness in
my childhood."
The book is opened by a foreword by Mallette's super-
famous son. "My mom is the strongest woman I've ever
met," Bieber writes in the byline. "I've always known it, but
this book has helped to remind me just how strong she is."
Mallette herself says in an interview, "I always wanted to
write a book about my story. I wanted to be as vulnerable as
I could, so that young girls who have been through similar
things could relate. I pretty much bared my soul. It definitely
furthered my healing process."
Like his mother, Bieber is having a book titled "Justin Bieber:
Just Getting Started" coming out. Giving an exclusive peek
inside his phenomenal world, it shares the highs and lows of
his life on the road, reading his innermost thoughts and
feelings as he navigates life in the limelight.

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