Kate Middleton's topless photos end up in Paris court

(AGI) Rome -Buckingham Palace has sued a French magazine that published Kate's topless
photos, which were also published in Italy. On the day a hearing is held in a Paris court on the
injunction filed by the lawyers of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Italian magazine 'Chi' also
published Kate Middleton's topless photos in a 38-page special issue entitled "The Queen is
naked". The photos are accompanied by a fairly detailed description of Kate's breasts. weekly,
which belongs to publishing group Mondadori, accom. "We can notice, on her statuesque figure,
the presence of far-from-brilliant breasts.
  The flat shape, which can be noticed when the princess is lying, and the pear-like shape when
she is leaning forward, confirm the natural look and the absence of any prosthesis, while showing
a limited swelling", journalist Paolo Santanche' wrote. In his op-ed, magazine editor in chief
Alfonso Signorini defends the decision to publish the photos: "For the first time, the future Queen
of England appears in a natural way, free from all artificial elements required by her role. The
Royal Family, instead of getting angry with the media, that are simply exercising their right to
inform, should, in my humble opinion, take the opportunity and comment on this scoop with the
typical British humour, by saying 'So what?'". In addition to seeking an injunction that would
prevent the photos from being re-sold by French magazine 'Closer' to other media all over the
world (although they are already available online), the couple filed a complaint for breach of
privacy. Kate and William are seeking compensation from the French magazine and the
photographer. . .
Kate Middleton's topless photos end up in Paris court

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