Nicki Minaj just kidding about that GOP 'endorsement'

Memo today from Nicki
Minaj to Mitt Romney and
President Obama: "Just
kidding, guys!"
To the surprise of no one,
and probably the relief of
GOP presidential candidate
Romney, the chameleon/
rapper known as Nicki Minaj
has clarified that she was
just playing one of her
many characters when she
declared last week in a
song lyric that she's a
Republican intending to
vote for Mitt.
Obama, for one, was always
skeptical, he said in a radio
interview in Orlando on Monday. "She likes to play different
characters," he said.
Minaj was thrilled he noticed, according to her tweet in
response. "Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humor
& sarcasm Mr. President, the smart ones always do. *sends love
& support* @BarackObama."
Minaj, who has previously expressed support for Obama, made
the startling claim about "endorsing" Romney in a profane song
lyric as a guest artist on Lil Wayne's new mixtape, Dedication 4,
released last week.
It was not clear that clean-mouthed Romney knows who she is,
let alone that he would welcome such a four-letter
"endorsement." Still, the news caused a frisson of speculation to
fire up the pop-music blogosphere and the political world, much
of which was in Charlotte last week for the Democratic
But it was always a stretch to believe Minaj had suddenly
switched teams given her record of adopting different
personalities and characters in her performances and in her life,
which is sort a performance, too. While she might not be on
either the Romney or Obama iPods, even Obama admitted that
his young daughters are now hipper than he when it comes to
pop culture.

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