Nigerian woman divorces talkative husband

A 38-year-old Nigerian housewife, Mrs Mariam Adunni of Omoda Area, Ilorin,Kwara state has
been granted her wish by the town’s Area Court to dissolve her six-year-old marriage.
Her ground for dissolution: her husband has been an untamed chatterbox.
Adunni told the court that her husband,Garba Ajani not only talked too much, but also did not
keep family secrets.
“My husband is fond of sharing our family affairs with his relatives and friends,” she told the
court, adding that the defendant has had no time for fun with her and their children.
She said: “My husband has no trust in me, instead he shares his problems with friends and
relatives who will mislead him.”
The plaintiff informed the court that the marriage was contracted in 2006 and had produced
two children.
“I am tired of him because I have tried my best to change him and he is not ready to
cooperate,” she said.
The defendant agreed to her request for divorce, saying, “nobody can turn my back against
my parents.”
“I am ready to concede to her wish”, he said and urged the court to grant the prayer of the
The presiding Judge, Mr Quadri Ibrahim, in his judgment, dissolved the marriage and issued a
certificate of divorce to the plaintiff.

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