Report: Boko Haram spokesman, Abu Qaqa, killed in Kano

Report: Boko Haram spokesman, Abu
Qaqa, killed in Kano
by Isi Esene
There are strong indications that Abu Qaqa, the
spokesman of the militant Islamic sect, Boko
Haram is in the custody of Nigerian security
Sources say Abu Qaqa and other top
commanders were arrested when the Kano State
Joint Task Force (JTF) on Sunday carried out a
sweeping raid on the sect’s known areas in
Men of the Joint Task Force in Kano confirmed
the arrest of top members of the Islamic sect
but have been reluctant to give the identities of
those arrested.
Reports say the apparent reluctance stems from
the embarrassment caused the government in
previous arrests when the government failed to
properly identify suspects before making the
arrests public.
There are however unconfirmed reports coming
from the foreign media indicating that the Boko
Haram spokesman might have been killed in the
said raid.
According to the report, a top officer of the JTF
spoke to the press saying that two militant
suspects were arrested, one of whom later died
but his identity remains unknown.
A source privy to the incident said a car which
conveyed the militant leaders was stopped and
one of them tried to escape and was shot. He
later died in the hospital.
The source said some of the people in the car
have informed the military that the person shot
was Abu Qaqa, the man who signs emails sent
to the media on behalf of the group.
The sect is yet to confirm or refute these claims.

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