Download: HI & iTZova by @Tontolet Tonto Dikeh

Fresh new singles from the queen diva you all
have been waiting for Tonto Dikeh Finally stops
the wait by dropping her much anticipated
singles HI + iTZova . These fresh singles
have just shown Tonto is absolutely an
 ENTERTAINER Movie + Music What else
can i say its all about TALENT.
HI is a little bit of high tempo with the feel of
african drums and ItZova is more of a
dancehall/reggae single which is definitely going
to move clubs all over the country .
Listen and Enjoy!!:

download: GET HIGH
download: ITZOVA


  1. Tonto you no listen to wizkid why would you do this b4 I bend turn J decist completely and be your sexy actress that we all know u 2be Ok na beg I dey beg u if not ur leg no go touch ground !Na toyin mislead u 4sure Disgrace cocaine heads

  2. Am sure u smoked skunk before singing dis song,abi music no favour you again?lmao

  3. U r a fufu for singin dis crap!,oloshi..wot we're u tinkin?...tink say tu sing na brazillian hair?..winsh..better move tu aluu community.lmao..lawrd!!lol

  4. Make una leave d babe alone make she split her other talent jor

  5. FUCK!! What was that?(N). Singing isn'nt for everyone o!. Tonto pls stick to acting, u ROCK there. MUSIC.... Aint just ur thing XOXOXO. Ur fans r watching.

  6. Woww see bad comment now II need 2 listen it ...lmao

  7. Aunty Tonto dis song no make am atall

  8. .....Someone wrote "Truth be told, if what TontoDike did qualifies to be referred to as singing, then my generator is the greatest vocalist of all time.".....

    1. Haba bros,tonto to gen?dis is

  9. Mumu dem... The Song make! Na de producer Jonze. Make una no go find food chop. Na person wey dn hammer finish una dey Abuse.

  10. Seriosly, whoeva recorded ds song, + d pple dt were present in d studio during d recording process, y'all r jst 2 WICKED!!! U cld hav easily told her, 'babe, ds song no do'. Better luck nxt tym if der shld b...

  11. Lack words to say.. Tonto abeg stick to are so not good wif singing..

  12. Tonto is very good in acting tho.

  13. To me nothing bad is the song. Almost every Nigerian musician sings like this. It's just acceptance that's needed. To me, sincerely Tonto tried.

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