Mubi Massacre: JTF Figured as Collaborators, 50 dead

Marking the 52nd Independence Day anniversary, suspected gunmen barged into the hostel of Federal Polytechnic Mubi Campus on the night of October 1, 2012 and killed 50 students. This is according to a security source, who spoke to indicating that the attack raises more questions as to the composition of the Joint Task Force [JTF] stationed in the Mubi axis.

It is recalled the attacked occurred at a student hostel away from the Federal Polytechnic Mubi campus. The gunmen arrived at the hostel with guns blazing at about 10:30pm. The gun shots continued till 3am. During the shooting exercise, the gunmen selectively picked their would-be victims, asking their names before shooting them.

The source points to the curfew that been in place in Mubi, Adamawa since January 2012. It starts at 3pm and ends 6am daily. The operatives of the JTF are responsible for the enforcement of the curfew.

The source who is a Christian member of the security outfit stationed in Mubi cautioned that it was virtually impossible for gunmen to move from the Cameroonian border into Mubi or from Maiduguri [Borno] border into Mubi – without the aid of collaborators within the JTF. “There are checkpoints at every corner – and we conduct house to house search from time to time”, said the security source who also explained that there had been a mass exodus of security men stationed to the Mubi area for fear of confrontation with the men of Boko Haram. [Mubi community is reported to serve as a gateway into Nigeria from Cameroun for the Islamic terrorist group.]

The source further revealed that the media handlers of the security forces stationed in Mubi have already began inside work on spinning the story of what actually occurred at the hostel. “They want to change the story from Boko Haram to student government wahala”, said the source who continued that the top ranks within the JTF have already pinpointed a student government election held at the said institution. They want to divert attention away from Boko Haram to the internal squabbles between the student governments.

Available information indicates that the student government, following their elections – had witnessed a fractionalization. The faction which the result of the election did not favor was said to have travelled to Maiduguri, Borno State to recruit gunmen to “deal with” the other faction.

But the security source discounts the above assertion as false, and fabricated by the political leaders in Adamawa in cohorts with the top shots within the JTF. “They are too embarrassed to accept that the terrorist are part of us”.

The source also pointed to the recent ‘arrest’ of 156 members of the Boko Haram in Yelwa area, near Shagari Low Cost, in Mubi by the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Adamawa State, Sunday September 23, 2012 as wanting and insincere. He revealed that the said ‘arrest’ was the result of an ongoing negotiation between the Nigerian security forces and the terrorist group.  “The security agents were not working on a tip-off as widely reported in the media”, the terrorists surrendered under a previously reached agreement – “only to be faced with bullets”. He pointed fingers at the Brigade Commander, Brigadier-General John Nwaoga; the State Commissioner of Police, Godfrey Okeke and the Director of State Security Service [SSS].

Meanwhile, the non-Muslims in the Mubi area have begun leaving the community for their safety.

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  1. the military in nigeria and other security operatives should be investigated thoroughly. schools should organise internal security measures and not rely on only the JTF. The JTF cant do it a alone but they should do something.


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