Uncertainty Over First Lady’s Return Today

:Barring last minute change of plans, a presidential
jet was scheduled to fly out of Abuja last night to
bring home Nigeria’s ailing First Lady, Mrs Patience
Presidency sources told Sahara Reporters yesterday
that Mrs. Jonathan would return to the country early
this morning if everything works as planned.
Mrs. Jonathan was secretly flown out of Abuja
nearly six weeks ago at the end of August, after she
developed complications from a cosmetic
procedure she had undertaken in Dubai.
Upon returning to Nigeria from Dubai, she was
flown out to Germany in an air ambulance following
an emergency which was initially diagnosed as
“food poisoning.” Earlier investigations by
LEADERSHIP at Wiesbaden Klinik in Germany,
however revealed that her medical condition was
more complicated and precarious. She was said to
have lost her power of speech for four days in the
early stages of her ill-health, among other
In an effort to cover up her health condition, the
presidency had concealed the facts about her ill
health. At first it claimed that Mrs Jonathan was
only resting after a hectic schedule of hosting the
African First Ladies Forum.

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