Chris Brown returns to Twitter; posts new Rihanna picture

Chris Brown has returned to Twitter. In one of the most anticlimactic moments on Twitter all weekend, the entertainer returned to Saturday night with a quiet click of a switch. It’s been almost a week without Chris Brown’s chatter online and fans have been wondering how long it would take before he would return. Noting a new look on the Twitter, fans have been rushing to the entertainer and currently Brown has over 11 million followers.
While the entertainer hasn't posted on his Twitter account since he turned it on, the artist has posted on his Instagram account and the fans are talking up the image. Showing apicture of Rihanna and Chris Brown together, the account (which can’t be named as it’s a word that can’t be repeated) has the caption saying “What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist?”
Both Rihanna and Chris Brown have been very vocal on their influence on the music scene. With a arrogant attitude, the artists seem to continue to flaunt their success to the fans who love watching their lifestyle.
So how long before Chris Brown starts tweeting on his re-established Twitter account? Most assume fans will hear from the entertainer by the end of the week. It probably will be far sooner than that, but his audience will have to wait and see.

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