Solution to MTN BIS Unlimited Data bundle that was Capped to 350MB

Hello, Am now back with the solution to the MTN BIS Data that has been cap from Unlimited to 350MB PER MONTH.

Now, here is the solution. If your MTN BIS data has exhausted but not yet expired yet, Simply remove the sim and insert in a phone aside blackberry, recharge N250 on the sim and TexT (2H to 131) (I.e, send 2H t 131) 2H to 131 to subscribe for MTN 2hrs plan. Wait for like 10mins after you have sent the message. Insert th sim in your blackberry and start downloading like never before. funny enough it wont expire in 2hrs, your MTN bis will automatically continue browsing unlimitedly till the expiring date.

This tweak has been confirm 100% working.

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