Full Interview Session with @mydoubletwo by @mrsMikelObi

You already know the ever controversial mrsmikelobi (@mrsmikelobi)..........I call her mrsControversial,asides all the controversies trailing her,she's an amazing personality,She hooked up with one of the most promising upcoming act in town at the moment DOUBLETWO (@mydoubletwo) and here's the excerpts ENJOY!

Note* mrsmikeobi will be MMO...

MMO-can I meet you?.....

Doubletwo---my names are Adedeji Adetutu but when I'm on stage they call me doubletwo

MMO----they call you doubletwo?,or you are doubletwo?...lool

Doubletwo---well okay on stage I'm doubletwo if that's what you want me to say

MMO---cool,now how do you come about that name

Doubletwo---deep sigh* actually doubletwo was formed from my real name Adetutu,I was just like okay let's use the tutu,two two...ain't that double? I just put the sound together and we have doubletwo...so that was it

MMO---got that,since when have you been doing music?

Doubletwo---errr*music is something that's been part of me from the beginning,I don't wanna say I started music when I was 8,or when I was 11 like other people do claim,I'll just say it started while I was very young,I've been writing songs since let me say 2006....and I did my first recording in 2010...

MMO---wow!.....like how many songs have you composed or rather,recorded?

Doubletwo---composed?,ha!..omo I can't count again ooooo........but if na recorded,I'd say about six...I released one officially #ichooseyou and then I'll be releasing another one soonest #lovemystyle

MMO---that reminds me,you dropped #ichooseYOU few weeks back and its been a huge success online and offline,and I think that's why I'm interviewing you now in the first place,what influenced that song?....

Doubletwo---nothing actually,its one of those random songs I do write and then everyone was talking about it....

MMO---i mean,its a love song,and then you've got some heavy lyrics on there,like you were talking to someone...maybe your girlfriend or something?

Doubletwo--Lol,errr the thing is at the moment I don't have a girlfriend,I'm single and when I wrote that song I don't have anyone in particular on my mind,its just a work of fiction.....I did what people wanna hear,asin I didn't do it for myself.

MMO---roger that!....but I don't think you should be single now oooo.....cos I surely know ladies be tripping for you now,how do you cope with that?

Doubletwo----are they tripping?......oh!....right now en!..I'm too busy,no time.....and then when someone shows me love I try to reciprocate.

MMO---hmm,you want to be a smartass abi?,I'll get you..lol....your female fans,how do you treat them?

Doubletwo---with utmost respect!

MMO---is doubletwo signed onto any record label at the moment?

Doubletwo--- I'd say no,but I have my own platform that I'm trying to build up DTG MUSIC,still working with some guys on that.....

MMO---back to ichooseYOU,your producer did a good job on that,since when have you two been working together?

Doubletwo---thats fabsy of life......been over four years now o....infact he's been my only producer so far......he's such an amazing G.

MMO---who will you like to work with in the industry?

Doubletwo----lots of great Guys in here...but I don't actually plan to go on a collabo raid,not saying I don't admire some big names tho,from Dbanj to 2baba.........from Naeto to killz....they all great dudes.

MMO---oh!...okies,where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Doubletwo---i believe God's got his own plans,I take everyday as it comes,I don't wanna peep into the picture,but if you ask me,I'll say DOUBLETWO in the next five years should be the MOON,the SUN and then the STAR..INSHA'allah

MMO---nice,are you a muslim?

Doubletwo---dont bring in religion please

MMO---lobatan,we nearing the end of this chat,any shoutout?

Doubletwo---shoutout wa o...but today is nah friday now...Lol....ok lemme be serious,shoutout to all ma real niccurs out there,shoutout to ma man Bimbo (@stalemayte)...hakeem (@bhadoosky)....fabs my bigman producer,my big friend olasiji hypertek....and all ma close pals...I nor fit dey mention names jare!

MMO---the ones you've mentioned is something already,what should we be expecting next from you?

Doubletwo----i already told you now,#Lovemystlye.

MMO--which style?,doggy abi missionary?

Doubletwo---lmaoooo don't start jare....don't corrupt me....

MMO--corruption ni!....okay okay,been nice talking to you really,thanks for your time doubletwo,wishing you all the best life has to offer....

Doubletwo---my pleasure.

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