New Trending Song: Sinner Man (Twerk) by ProFingaz

While other rapper's were busy looking for there name on "The List"
ProFingaz has been busy working, trying to make good music for  music
lover's. As we wait for his next Mixtape (#Highly_Prohibited) he
decided to drop #Sinner_Man. Yes!!! This is the type of song that will
make Miley Cyrus and Nikki Minaj #Twerk and probably turning him to a
#Sinner_Man. He even took a sexy shot at Tonto Dike and Mercy Johnson
plus saying #BerverlyOsu is his type of chick? this is Crazy!!! Check
em out

ProFingaz - #Sinner_Man(Twerk)
Producer: Venomous
@profingaz @midlefingaent

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