TruCONNECT SHOW with Benjamin 'Ace ThaEmcee' Osammor & Bimbo Johnson

Reliable sources states that Nigerian Rapper/Enterpreneur, 'Ace ThaEmcee' of Beatbuxx360 & an African based online radio station, TruSpot FM are about to launch a new weekly radio show called 'TruCONNECT SHOW'.
 The weekly radio program is aimed at connecting those who have dedicated their time, talent and resources to effect positive change in their life and their environment to the world
 The premier of this show will be hosted by the rapper 'Ace ThaEmcee' (@BEATBUXX360_ACE) & the beautiful young, fasting-rising personality 'Bimbo Johnson' (@TheBimboJohnson).

TruCONNECT SHOW will air every Friday morning at 10:00 a.m. beginning October 3,2014. Listeners are able to tune in and listen to the show by clicking on AND/OR for Andriod devices get the TruSpot FM App from the Google Store or hit this link -

If you have what it takes to grace this platform follow @TruConnectShow on twitter, and on facebook:
And start connecting.

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