Must Read Article By @Bhadoosky: Reflection Time (If You/I Die Today)?

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Reflection Time (Kindly read my story~story and comment if possible)

If You/I die today ~ (will it be too early or too late?)

So I went all the way from Ibadan to attend a friend's Wedding in Ekiti State...I met 8 of my undergraduate mates and we were like WOW, HUGS, PECKS et al for like 10 straight mins...all that stopped and we were silent still admiring how long we've been apart (FUTA CLASS 11)...then I started thinking and all I could remembered was a mate of us "Oreoluwa Ojanuni" who died when we were in 200 level. Hmmm, I broke our silence and said "friends, I just remembered somebody"... John replied and said "OREOLUWA" as if he was reading my mind!!! We all became moody and started talking about how good, friendly and most especially "God fearing" a lady she was. RIP ORE.

Skip that....

Merry time...we snapped with our Marriage Boy and his wife "Ganiyy and Auwa"...we danced, chopped and had swell time. May God bless their Union.

The question popped up....who's next (to marry) ????? >>>> I just dey LOOOL while I await my friends responses….ghen ghen!!!

And a name was echoed (I'll keep that to myself)....whao, I was like i wasn't aware ooo...oh well, she dated DEEN of my Faculty back then...and now she will marry a cousin of the she cants tell us,  she fought a friend who posted it on facebook...I can't laugh abeg...the evil that people do will hunt them till be careful when u move from Mr/Miss. A to Mr/Miss B. to Mr/Miss C,D,E,F,G,H to Mr./Miss Z....get a life and spend your time building ursef and Hang unto GOD...e no dey pay, u lose ur brain, ur emotion, ur sense, ur belongings, ur body, ur faith, u may even lose ur life. Nobody holy pass….but still have time for yourself….u asked “WETIN BE MY OWN”….LOOL, those friends u run to to have fun will laugh ur ass when things go wrong with u. So #bewise.

If all you and your so called friends do is gist, drink, smoke, have fun, share memes, share bed….its just a matter of time, it will tell on you when it will be too late.

Skip that....

Woke up today to heard of a Father, Friend, Mate "Pa Ege Positobou"...He was 57years old when he joined us as an undergraduate...he was religious, married, had kids (was eyeing one of them then sef), was working, had a house, a car and a caring by all standard, he is/was a fulfilled man (still he wanted to have a University Degree, which he achieved)...he died yesterday...May his soul rest in peace. We will all miss him for good. ADEIU PA EGE!!!

Now the Question is "If u die TODAY, what will people remember u for"?...will the road u thread remember u as a good, religious, ever-supportive, reasonable person??..will u be remembered for getting drunk, high (ginger), setting Ps (u fit don fuck ghost sef), or the waka waka wey no add any value to ur life?...

Live for a “Defined Purpose” my brother/sister...Set Goals/Targets for yourself and chase them like u’ll die today….Run away from anything/anybody that stand as obstacle between you and your dream…You can lose people/friends, but please don’t lose yourself and don’t lose GOD…..we fit die anytime mehn.

I'm out ~ @Bhadoosky

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