THE DRAGONS {A pan african drama series} #TheDragonsDrama

An addictive gambler, risk taker and a man poised to change his own story, portrays the entire life of the man called MR SMITH DRAGON. From a relatively unknown background, the Nigerian is determined to rewrite the outcome of his life. Married to a beautiful, successful lawyer but an alcohol addict, with a daughter that is intelligent but sexually confused, and a skimmer for a younger brother, together they form the apex of the most successful PR firm Nigeria and south Africa. In spite of the vices and shortcomings in their daily lives, they are still the DRAGONS.

Shot on a mark III Canon in ranburg south africa.
Available fully subtitled in english 25mins x 26episodes
showing on fridays STV 830pm, Tuesdays TVC 930pm

Story by - Tijani O
Screenplay by - Salawu adekunle
Coordinting D.O.P – Femi Idowu
Episode Directors - Ola kris akinola, Chuma ikeazor
Producer - Seyi Adebanjo, Alayande Stephen
Series Director – Teejaysstar T.O
Executive Producer - Sam Adebanjo

Rycardo agbor
Thando maseko
Zani challe
Adesanmi Charles
Dineo mofammere
Alex gansallo

kindly find attached artwork and below is the youtube link for the trailers.
The Dragons {tvc promo}

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