Jonathan says without PDP democracy in Nigeria will collapse

Jonathan says without PDP democracy in
Nigeria will collapse
President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday
commended the People’s Democratic
Party (PDP) for its effort towards
preserving democracy in Nigeria.
Speaking at the PDP’s 60th National Executive
Commiittee meeting in Abuja, Mr Jonathan said
“People who want to drown us know that
without PDP, probably, the republic would have
collapsed. Democracy would have collapsed
years ago, if not that PDP was on ground,
playing its essential and most important role of
preserving the nations democracy.”
The president accused the opposition of its
continuous criticism of the PDP led government,
stating that it was wrong for them to begin to
apply the philosophy of “when you say the
wrong thing one thousand times, it becomes the
right thing”
He said, “We witnessed what happened in the
First Republic. Because we witnessed what
happened in the first republic and we know the
circumstances that led to the collapse of the
First Republic and Second Republic, we are
disciplined and committed towards ensuring
that this democracy is preserved”
He asserted that the PDP led government has
done very well in the area of acceptance of
criticisms, both negatives and positives .
“They abuse us more, but we allow it. And it is
the PDP that is handling the affairs of the
country, that is stabilizing the democracy in the
country,” he added.
Posted by Channels Television on July 18,

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