3 Sex Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are these mistakes hurting your sex life?
Over the course of the last month, A Sex-Survey was carried out by Tango and collected 1,300
reader responses for an Astroglide -sponsored survey all
about sex . The results were both fun and fascinating. For
example, we learned that 37 percent of Tango fans
have had sex in a park, while just under 3 percent have
joined the mile-high club. We also got glimpses into
where, when and how our users are hooking up, and—from
the results—compiled three major mistakes we all should
avoid when it comes to sex.

1. Only doing it at night. Let's face it. We are all busy
people with busy schedules and busy lives. Therefore, we tend to reserve sex for after dark. It
only makes sense that we do the deed after work hours, when the kids are tucked into bed.
Although this is logical, it is crucial to realize that sex in the mornings and afternoons can be just
as hot.
According to our survey, 58 percent of Tango fans have the right idea and reported that they
prefer sex at any time of the day. Twenty percent said they prefer sex at night, 14 percent love
morning sex and just 8 percent said they most prefer an afternoon delight. Whether it be on the
weekends, on a vacation or during a lunch break, be sure to spice up your sex routine by having
some fun in the mornings and afternoons as well as after sunset. 4 New And Fun Ways To Use
Lube With Your Man

2. Limiting sex to the bedroom. Obviously,
sex in the bedroom is convenient and
comfortable. But, there are so many other fun
and exciting places to get it on. Doing it outside of the bedroom can take your sex life to a whole
new level. While 11 percent of survey respondents have been bold enough to have sex in a
movie theater, many of our users got even more creative than that!
Tango fans have had sex in a school parking lot, in the press box of a major football
stadium, in the Macy's dressing room, inside of a clock tower, in a photography darkroom, on a
grand piano and in a graveyard. While we do advise caution when getting frisky outside the
bedroom , we also know there's something to spontaneous sex. Don't be afraid to ditch the
squeaky mattress for one of these exciting spots.

3. Skipping the lube. Seventy-five percent of Tango fans use lube to enhance their sex
lives and we applaud them.
For the remaining quarter of you not using lube: next time you're at the grocery store, don't be
afraid to slip a bottle of Astroglide personal lubricant into your cart. Keep in mind that personal
lubricants react to body chemistry just as perfumes do. As a result, lubricant can feel more
slippery to some than others. You may have to test out a variety of different lubes until you find
the right one for you. Need more convincing? Check out these 10 good reasons to use lube .
Avoiding these common mistakes will help you live the hot, adventurous sex life that you
deserve. Remember, life is too short for boring, predictable sex.::::::


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