Is staying away from social media a sign you're abnorma?

:::::That's what some psychologists want us to
believe. They are saying that if you're a certain
age and you stay away from social media, then
its 'suspicious' In Oyibo land, you're most
probably a psychopath.
Below is something I found on Daily Mail
The German magazine Der Taggspiegel
went so far as to point out that accused
theater shooter James Holmes and
Norwegian mass murder Anders Behring
Breivik have common ground in their lack
of Facebook profiles.
On a more tangible level,
reports that human resources departments
across the country are becoming more wary
of young job candidates who don't use
 The common concern among bosses is that
a lack of Facebook could mean the
applicant's account could be so full of red
flags that it had to be deleted. tech reporter Farhad Manjoo
wrote in an advice column that young
people shouldn't date anyone who isn't on
'If you’re of a certain age and you meet
someone who you are about to go to bed
with, and that person doesn’t have a
Facebook page, you may be getting a false
name. It could be some kind of red flag,' he
Manjoo points out that these judgements
don't apply to older people who were
already productive adults before social
media became widespread.
I personally kinda find this a little silly. Some
people are extremely private and don't want
their business, photos on the WWW...that
doesn't make them dysfunctional, or does it?
What's your thoughts on this?

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