Nicole Kidman Gets Topless in a Cheeky Magazine Cover

:Nicole Kidman is one hot sexy mama. The
wife of Keith Urban ditches her top and
wears a Chanel skirt by Carlyne Cerf de
Dudzeele that barely covers her derriere
when striking a sultry pose for a cover of V
Magazine's latest issue.
In the spread inside the publication, Nicole
flaunts her killer body in a red lace bra and
panties with a red fur coat falling off her, "in
what is sometimes referred to in fashion
circles as the dead girl pose." Another sees
her exposing her neon-green sparkling
In its cover story, Nicole says she's willing to
do whatever it takes for a role in a movie. "I
would be more outlandish if I could," the 45-
year-old actress tells writer Jacob Bernstein. "A lot of times
you just don't get the chance."
Talking about one scene where she pees on Zac Efron in
upcoming movie "The Paperboy", she says, "I didn't think [it]
was that weird, because I was in character. All of that made
total sense to me. I just went for it and didn't overthink it."
She also immediately agreed when she's asked to strip down
for the front page of the magazine. Visionaire founder James
Kaliardos says in an email to New York magazine, "I wanted
to strip Nicole's image bare... I kept saying, 'This isn't
Portrait of a Lady.' Nicole doesn't over-think it."
"She barely looked in the mirror and just said, 'Great'," he
continues. "The inspiration came from Lee Daniel's The
Paper Boy, where she plays a white trash southern woman
who obsessively writes to inmates in prison...The character
drove the shoot."
She thinks she's mature before her age due to the books she
read while she's young. "That informs all that yearning and
wanting things, and the hormones that are running through
you at a really early age - they all started to surge because
of the things I was reading," she opens up.
She additionally says that returning to acting helped her
move forward with her life after splitting from Tom Cruise.
"If you're being completely drained in your personal life and
you're never being nourished there, it's very hard to make it
work," she explains.
The actress, who adopted two children with Tom, now has
two kids with her singer husband Keith. "Time is so precious
and I love the sound of them and the feel of them," she says
of her family. "I just don't want to miss anything."

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