PHOTO-UPDATE: Male Chris Brown Fan Proves His Dedication to Team Breezy with Massive Back Tattoo

:::When people think of “Team Breezy,” Chris Brown‘s army of dedicated fans, the first
image that comes to mind is that of a teenage or twenty-something girl. But guess
what? Some of the most ride-or-die soldiers in Team Breezy are actually dudes.
The image of Chris Brown tattooed on the back of Jamie Frater (@19junior89) of
Leeds, U.K. above is proof of how deep Breezy runs in the veins of some of his male
We’re not sure if this tattoo means he’s into guys or if he’s exclusively a Chris
Brownsexual. But clearly, he’s holding Breezy down for life.
Frater’s Twitter bio describes Brown as his “idol.” Again, we’re not sure how far that
idolation extends, but let’s hope he’s only taking cues from Chris as a musician and
performer, and not as a role model.
We know exactly what you’re thinking — that tattoo is Photoshopped!
Well, Jamie swears that it’s 100% real:::

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