WATCH VIDEO:Lady GaGa Appears Naked in Ad for 'Fame' Perfume

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO::::::Lady GaGa released a 30-
second spot for her new
perfume, Fame. Directed by
Steven Klein, the ad is dark
in its theme and features
GaGa as the naked giant
with little men climbing her
body. YouTube has flagged
the video as "inappropriate"
and requested age
confirmation for each view.
The previous ad for the
fragrance did not feature GaGa at all. Instead, it shows how
the black perfume is created in The Haus Laboratories in
Paris and states that "black like the soul of fame but
invisible once airborne." In the print ad, GaGa shows off her
naked body, covered in places by little men.
In a recent interview with Vogue, GaGa revealed the idea
behind her risky marketing. "We thought, Let's just make the
most epic fragrance campaign of all time and let's not care
at all about whether they can even print it or show it on TV,"
she said. "Let's just do everything we ever dreamed of. We
basically did this purely for the pleasure of working together.
We were just sort of sitting in the corner going, 'I can't
believe they are letting us do this!' "
Fame eau de parfum will be sold on August 22 at Macy's

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