Photo: Pizza Man Lifts Barack Obama off The Ground out Of Joy

A massive Bear hug was what President Barack
Obama got from a Florida pizza shop owner
Scott Van Duzer at his Fort Pierce, Fla store. Van
was simply expressing his love just like that
expressed to Michelle Obama when a female
weight lifter lifted her totally off the ground.
Van Duzer is a registered republican who says
he’ll vote for Obama in November.
The friendly conversating Barack and Van had
“Scott, what’s going on, man,” the president
called as he arrived. “Let me tell you, you are
like the biggest pizza shop owner I’ve ever
“Everybody, look at these guns,” Obama said as
he chatted with Van Duzer, who is 6’3″ and
weighs 260 pounds. “If I eat your pizza will I
look like that?”
Imagine President Goodluck Jonathan was lifted
as such in Mr Biggs, what would have been the
reaction that’ll follow?

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