Robbers killed two policemen, seven others in siege to Lagos

Armed robbers yesterday in Lagos killed two
policemen inside their patrol vehicle, seven others
and wounding several.
According to an eyewitness account, the robbers
drove in a Toyota Prado jeep and an Armada,
storming several parts of Lagos, including a Bureau
de Change at Agege and carted away bags
containing local and foreign currencies.
The eyewitness said he saw four people who were
shot dead and that the robbers also shot two Bureau
de Change operators who resisted their attack.
Those that were shot but survived were taken to
Mayfair Hospital at Oke-Koto but were rejected and
were later taken to Motolani Medical Centre at Alfa
Nla, Oke-Koto, Agege for treatment.
It was also learnt that stray bullet shot by the
robbers also hit a six-year old girl in the eye and her
grandmother on the forehead while they were
watching TV in their home at 15, Alfa-Nla, Agege.
The robbers numbering eight, including two women
who were driving the Toyota Prado jeep and an
Armada, started their operation at about 10:35a.m.
from Ifako-Gbagada, Oshodi, Mile 2 and Agege.
It was also gathered that while they were escaping
in their vehicles, a team of Rapid Response Squad
(RRS) chased them with their patrol vehicle.
The police team caught up with the robbers at
Guinness bus stop along Oba Akran Avenue in Ikeja
and the robbers opened fire on them.
In the ensuing gun duel, the police patrol team
driver and another policeman were killed on the
spot and the robbers escaped with their loot.

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