Nicki Minaj Debuts “Pink Friday” Perfume Bottle Made In Her Image

::::Is this a trick or a treat? Cause that perfume bottle looks like C-3PO got a sex change
and a pink wig.
After canceling several dates in the UK as a result of her vocal cord injury, Nicki Minaj
promised her Barbz a special treat on Twitter.
While some thought it might have something to do with her joining the judging panel
of “American Idol,” it turns out that all we were getting was a shot of Nicki’s gaudy
Pink Friday perfume bottle.
It’s cute that this is something the fans can really latch on to, but uh, Nicki might be
limiting her sales here by rolling out this tacky looking thing.
Even if the perfume smells like sugar, spice and everything nice, what grown woman
is gonna wanna rock that perfume bottle on her dresser?
SIDENOTE: Can Nicki switch things up a little here? We get that she’s trying to
establish Pink Friday as some kind of brand, but does EVERYTHING have to be bathed
in pink?
At this point, we’d take a Magenta Monday or something. Over it.:

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