Nigeria has the Fastest Internet Speed in Africa - Reports

::::::According to the latest report by Akamai
Technologies Global Internet Platform on the
State of the Internet in Africa, Nigeria has the
fastest internet speed in the continent.
Nigeria has overtaken South Africa in terms of
Internet speed. This is coming less than eleven
years after reforming its communications
networks and market.
The report revealed that Nigeria has an average
connection speed of 322kbps with a peak rate of
5674kbps. South Africa on the other hand has a
faster average speed of 496kbps, but the
country’s peak speed is only half that of Nigeria,
at 2172kbps.
“All mobile providers had average peak
connection speeds above 2 mbps, though last
place South African provider, ZA-1 was just
above the threshold, losing over 13 per cent
from the prior quarter, at 2.2 mbps,” IT News
Africa reported.
According to Leadership, “in 2011 South Africa
was one of only two countries listed in the report
with an average peak connection speed below 2
mbps. South Africa had average 442kbps over
Nigeria’s 286kbps, however, Nigeria
outperformed with peak 4871kbps and average
462mbps per month over South Africa’s
1654kbps and 197mbps.”
The report also noted that speeds across the
globe were improving, and that all 117 countries
that qualified for inclusion measured an increase
in average connection speeds.
Akamai Technologies is a leading cloud platform
for helping enterprises provide secure, high-
performing user experiences on any device.
Based on data gathered, the report provides
insight into key global statistics such as Internet
penetration, mobile connection speeds, origins
of attack traffic, and global and regional
connection speeds.
Improved internet speed is an indication of
improvement in Nigeria’s communication sector.
With West African Cable System (WACS), Main
One Cable and Glo-1 supporting SAT1 operated
by Nigeria’s NITEL, it is expected that as
telecom operators connect the hinterland,
internet traffic would triple.
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