Attacks on Christians an attack on Muslims: Mufti (spiritual leader)

BEIRUT: Mufti or spiritual leader of Lebanon told Pope
Benedict XVI on Saturday that he would consider "any attack
on a Christian as an attack on all Muslims."
Mohammed Rashid Kabbani, who met the pontiff at the
presidential palace, added that he also considered "any attack
on a church as equivalent to an attack on mosque, because
our religion prohibits us from doing so."
Kabbani's remarks were included in a letter he handed to the
pope, as the pontiff also met leaders of the Shiite, Druze and
Alawite communities.
He said the events rocking the Arab world "bring us Muslims
and Christians a light that shows us the path to a better
tomorrow, though they also bring many dangers that are a
threat to us.
"But just as we made our history together in the past, we will
also make our future together, based on coexistence."
After their meeting, the pope delivered an address whose
language was a reflection of Kabbani's words. He urged
Christians and Muslims to forge a harmonious, pluralistic
society in which the dignity of each person is respected and
the right to worship in peace is guaranteed.
Benedict has also encouraged Christians not to fear for their
futures in a Middle East where they are vastly outnumbered by
Kabbani said "we support your invitation to Christians of the
Arab world to hold fast to their presence in the Arab region,
and to take on their natural role alongside the (other) citizens
of these states."
The pope is on a three-day visit to Lebanon, where Sunnis are
the largest group among the Muslim majority.
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