Rioting or Acts of Violence wasn't Part of Muhammad(saw) Personality

Rioting or Acts of Violence wasn't Part of Muhammad(saw) Personality

A true Muslims keeps quiet when he does not know what to say or has nothing good to say.
The event of the last few days have been
disturbing to say the least; The protests turned riots, the media and the careless talk of many of us on here-- Muslims and Christians alike. At this point, it is necessary we guide ourselves a lil bit:

The Position of Islam
I'm not a cleric, but the position of Islam is clear on this subject. The reaction of the rioters, which included vandalism and the murder of innocent civilians, completely contradicts the character and message of our beloved Prophet. It is not
allowed to cause harm to others, the Quran teaches us that we cannot blame or punish a person for the crime of another and instructs believers to "disagree with
them in the most courteous way.

For the first 13 years of his mission, the Prophet Muhammad(saw)and his followers were exposed to demeaning abuse, mockery and torture on a daily basis in Mecca. Not only did he resist violence, he
did not even return an insult with another insult. At one point in Mecca, his enemies twisted his name to call him 'Mudhammam' (The Loathsome) instead of 'Muhammad' which deeply offended his
followers. But the Prophet calmly comforted them by stating, "Doesn't it astonish you how God protects me from the Quraish's abusing and cursing? They abuse Mudhammam and curse
Mudhammam while I am Muhammad." [Source:Bukhari]

What a Muslim should Do
When lies are spread about our Prophet, we simply respond with the truth. And the most effective response is to embody his merciful character on a daily basis. Violence and vandalism carried out in his name are more offensive than the content of any film. The Quran tells us that the Prophet is praised by God and His Angels;
even a million films cannot threaten his status as the Best of all Creation nor his love in our hearts. Let's act according to his(saw) teachings.

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