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All Right Reserved by Uwaoma Eizu. ( Hexavia. Foundation 360.
Released Book "Hexavian Laws of
Business" is a free easy to read business e-book
for Nigerian professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses.
It was released on Sunday, the 2nd of September, 2012
Its called the "Hexavian Laws of Business"

Uwaoma Eizu said and I quote------->>
Its our years of research, interactions, challenges, consultancy and
training put into a profound collection of modern business principles
to be followed as an entrepreneur and in developing a truly growing
business in Nigeria. It’s a collection of sound timeless business
concepts and principles of the Fortune 100 companies as well as
insights to the few successful Nigerian brands.
The book features foreword by one of Africa’s most successful CEOs
and former Nigerian bank MD.
The idea is a follow up to the Potters Lounge as well as our trainings
and consultancy services. If you like our Potters Lounge crash MBA
class then you’d love this. Its a converging blend of global perspective
relevant and applicable to the Nigerian environment. The idea is to
have more people start up businesses, to reduce failures in business
in Nigeria and to see more businesses grow and succeed.
The book is designed for individuals interested in building a
successful business …
Out : September 02, 2012
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